May 7, 2020

[NMR] ssNMR and DNP Educative Tutorials, First one on May 8 #DNPNMR

Dear NMR Enthusiast,

We all know that being a research student in this unusual, COVID-19 affected, time period is stressful and a source of a lot of uncertainty. Apart, from working from home and not being able to go to the lab to continue our experiments, a very important drawback is our inability to learn through fruitful discussions, share our research, talk about what we are passionate about with our colleagues, and meet with new and old friends, since a lot of the conferences we like to be part of are either cancelled or postponed until further notice.

Therefore, following similar initiatives, we would like to propose some (bi)weekly Educative Tutorials about basic concepts of NMR with some flavors of latest research, which will be held online via ZOOM, and their purpose will be to give the opportunity to young scientists to learn, to ask their questions, and to have a constructive dialog with their fellow NMR spectroscopists. For the moment, the tutorials will be focused on ssNMR and DNP.

Our first speaker will be Dr. Monu Kaushik, who is currently a post-doctoral researcher in Prof. Anne Lesage's lab at CRMN Lyon. Monu will talk about fundamentals of DNP and recent developments. The current format of the presentation will consist of a 40 minutes talk which will include both basic and advanced material and 20 minutes of discussion.

We hope that in the future more or you would be willing to be a part of this initiative so please do not hesitate to contact us in order to present your favorite topic. Also, we would really appreciate it if you forward this email to any of your colleagues and NMR friends that might be interested. 

A full list of the topics covered will be shared with you shortly.

Details about the ZOOM link and time:

Topic: Global NMR Discussion Zoom-Meeting
Time: Friday, May 8, 2020, 08:30 AM California time or 5:30 PM Paris time 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 995 4025 0067
Password: 094324

Since, this is a nascent idea at the moment, we would be happy to receive any suggestions and feedback on the amount of talks given per session, the duration of the talks, and topics that you would be interested in hearing about in the future.

Best regards,

PinelopiMoutzouri (Lyndon Emsley Lab, EPFL)
Asif Equbal (Songi Han Lab, UCSB)
Amrit Venkatesh (Aaron Rossini Lab, Iowa)
Daphana Shimon (Ilia Kaminker Lab, Tel Aviv)

Adrian Draney (Guido Pintacuda Lab, CRMN lyon)
Blake Wilson (Robert Tycko Lab, NIH)
Michael Hope (Lyndon Emsley Lab, EPFL)
Mona Mohammadi (Alexej Jerschow, NYU)

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