Feb 22, 2019

[NMR] Junior professor position in solid-state NMR at Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris

Dear colleagues,

We are inviting applications for a «Junior Professor» (tenure-track) position in NMR spectroscopy at the Department of Chemistry of Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) in Paris. The candidate will join the NMR team of the « Laboratoire des biomolécules » (LBM), and will benefit from an outstanding scientific environment in terms of equipment and potential collaborations in the laboratory, the department and more generally in PSL University.

Candidates should have a record of outstanding research achievements, in any field of solid-state NMR. Early and mid-career candidates are invited to apply.

The candidate is expected to engage in an original, independent, and high-level research activity in the domain of solid-state NMR, in association with Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation. Research projects should explore synergies with other research groups in the LBM and in the Department of Chemistry.

He/she will teach at the undergraduate and graduate levels as part of the Chemistry curriculum at ENS and PSL University, where original contributions beyond domains presently covered (e.g. NMR of bio-solids or materials) will be welcome.

The NMR lab currently houses three spectrometers: a wide bore 800 MHz; a standard bore 600 MHz with high resolution relaxometry and two-field NMR capabilities, and a wide bore 400 MHz. The 800 MHz spectrometer is equipped with solid-state NMR probes operating both at room and low (100 K) temperatures, and is coupled with a gyrotron for Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation Magic-Angle Spinning NMR (DNP-MAS) experiments. In addition, two state-of-the-art dissolution-DNP polarizers (including a cryogen-free system) are available for use with all spectrometers.

Candidates should send an application including a cover letter, a CV, full list of publications, a highlight of three to five selected major achievements, a description (3-5 pages) of the proposed research and teaching projects. In addition, the candidates should propose the names of three scientists to be contacted for letters of recommendation, and may also send three such letters to recruitment.jp.nmr@ens.fr. Interested candidates should send requests for additional information to the same address: recruitment.jp.nmr@ens.fr. For all communications, the subject line should start with the words NMR ENS POSITION followed by the name of the applicant.

Screening of applications will continue until April 15th 2019.

-- Daniel Abergel, MD, PhD Laboratoire des Biomolécules UMR7203 Département de Chimie Ecole Normale Supérieure 24, rue Lhomond, 75005 Paris Tel. : +33 1 44 32 32 65 email : daniel.abergel@ens.fr

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