Mar 1, 2018

[NMR] Charles P. Slichter, 1924-2018 #DNPNMR

From the Ampere Magnetic Resonance List:

The magnetic resonance community mourns the loss of Charlie Slichter, who passed away on February 19 at age 94. 

Charlie was one of the early developers and proponents of magnetic resonance methods and their many applications in physics and chemistry. He was one of the truly great physical scientists of our time. He was also an unusually warm, generous, and unpretentious human being. 

A full obituary, prepared by David Ailion and including selected links to descriptions of Charlie's life and accomplishments, can be found at:

Robert Tycko 
ISMAR President 


2013 memories, with a nice picture:

His famous book: Principles of Magnetic Resonance

His Wikipedia page:

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