Feb 20, 2018


Dear NMR Community, 

On behalf of the Organizing Committee it’s my great pleasure to invite you to attend the next AMPERE NMR School 2018, an annual event organized since earlier 90th in Zakopane under auspices of the Groupment AMPERE, will be organized from June 10 th to 16 th 2018 in Zakopane, Poland ( www. zakopane .pl). 

The traditional topics given in the School: 
· solid state and soft matter NMR
· NMR diffusometry and relaxometry
· application of NMR in biology and medicine
· magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy
· NMR and quantum information
· theoretical and experimental aspects of dynamic nuclear spin polarization
· NMR methodology and techniques.

The School is addressed to PhD students of various fields of physics, chemistry, biology and medicine and is focused on theoretical and experimental aspects of NMR methods and their applications. The lectures are expected to contain a basic (tutorial) introduction and the research of your interest. 

The conference fee (450 Euro) includes full board, accommodation and the conference proceedings. We will be able to provide a financial support for the students you will recommend up to 200 Euro. More detailed information you will find on the conference website. 

With my best wishes

Stefan Jurga

Prof. Stefan Jurga
NanoBioMedical Centre
Adam Mickiewicz University
Ul. Umultowska 85
61-614 Poznań, Poland
Ph. +48 61 829 67 04

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