Jan 6, 2016

[NMR] PhD or early PostDoc position in hyperpolarized MR

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We have one open position for an early stage researcher (ESR) in the Dept. of Prof. Hennig in the Hyperpolarization group of Jan-Bernd Hövener in Freiburg, Germany. The position is part of the ITN "EuroPOL" and includes secondments to partners abroad as well as participation in other international meetings.

The topic is on novel developments in hyperpolarized MR, likely with a focus on MRI sequence development and training in methods to polarize 13C metabolic tracers with parahydrogen. Furthermore, the applicant will gain first-hand experience and knowledge in running MRI experiments. It is a great oportunity to start or advance your scientific carrier and to build an international network!

The international training network (ITN) - program EUROPOL (www.europol-itn.eu) is running for three years. The payment is well above the average for an equivalent position in Germany. Employment beyond that may be extended (on different funding). For more information on the group and our acitivities, see http://www.hyperpolarization.net. The Hennig department is a large, international group currently hosting 85+ members from 7+ nationalities. The hyperpolarization group has currently 7 members; - become No. 7!

Formal Requirements
A qualified applicant can not hold a PhD degree at the time of employment and can not have lived in Germany for more than 12 month in the last three years.

We would like to fill the position ASAP, - please apply with a CV at jan.hoevener@uniklinik-freiburg.de or call + 49 761 270 93910

Many thanks!

Dr. Jan-Bernd Hövener
Head of Hyperpolarization
Emmy Noether Project – Molecular and Metabolic MRI

University Medical Center Freiburg
Department of Radiology
Medical Physics
Breisacher Str. 60a
D - 79106 Freiburg

phone: +49 761 270 93910
fax: +49 761 270 38310

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