Nov 29, 2015

[NMR] Post Doc position in Hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance

From the Ampere Magnetic Resonance List

Center for Hyperpolarization in Magnetic Resonance at the Technical University of Denmark is looking for a PhD in Magnetic Resonance who wants to work on "HyperPET/MR: a new concept of hybrid molecular imaging in cancer using simultaneous PET and 13C-hyperpolarized MRSI" for a two-year postdoc position. Please share if you know a candidate! "HyperPET/MR" is a collaboration with Copenhagen University, Copenhagen University Hospital, Cambridge University, Stanford University and GE Healthcare. The project is funded by Innovation Fund DK (then Strategic Research Council).

Jan Henrik Ardenkjær-Larsen 
Professor, Center Leader 
Technical University of Denmark 
Department of Electrical Engineering 
Ørsted Plads, bldg 349, office 126 
DK - 2800 Kgs. Lyngby 
Phone +45 40272775