May 27, 2015

Ph.D. position at ICSN, Paris-Saclay

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A Ph.D. position is available at the ICSN laboratory in Paris-Saclay University to work on fast NMR methods for the analysis of complex mixtures and their coupling to hyperpolarisation

Title: Ultrafast NMR analysis of complex mixtures

Supervisors: Carine Van Heijenoort and Jean-Nicolas Dumez

Project: The analysis of complex mixtures if a major challenge for the chemist. Multidimensional NMR techniques can achieve a “spectral separation” of the components of a mixture, with no need for sample purification, but conventional multidimensional experiments are time-consuming and suffer from the low sensitivity of NMR spectroscopy. 

This project aims at developing NMR-based tools for the analysis of complex mixtures, that exploit ultrafast NMR for speed and hyperpolarisation for sensitivity. The successful candidate will work on three complementary topics:

  • the development of fast 2D NMR methods for the separation of “pure” spectra from a mixture
  • the coupling of fast 2D NMR and hyperpolarisation techniques, including parahydrogen-induced polarisation
  • the analysis of complex mixtures of small molecules
Lab: The Institute for Natural Product Research (ICSN) is one of the largest chemistry research institutes in France. The NMR group works on analytical and structural chemistry and biology and is equipped with 5 NMR spectrometers (2 * 600 MHz, 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 950 MHz) for high-resolution liquid-state NMR research. 

The project will involve a collaboration on hyperpolarisation with Gaspard Huber and Patrick Berthault of the LSDRM group at CEA Saclay, (also part of Paris-Saclay University) The ICSN is located in Gif-sur-Yvette, 25 km south-west of Paris. It benefits from a green, enjoyable environment and is within easy reach of Paris rich social and cultural life. 

Candidate: The candidate should have a background in chemistry (preferentially analytical or physical) or physics, and a strong interest in both fundamental and applied aspects of magnetic resonance. 

Interested candidates should send a CV and a cover letter to

A. Le Guennec, P. Giraudeau, S. Caldarelli and J.-N. Dumez, Chem. Commun., 51, 354 (2015).

M. André, M. Piotto, S. Caldarelli and J.-N. Dumez, Analyst, in press.

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