Oct 25, 2012

4th International DNP Symposium in Copenhagen

Dear Friends and Colleagues 

We are happy to announce the "4th International DNP Symposium", Aug 28-31, 2013, in Copenhagen, Denmark: www.DNPsymposium.org. Please mark your calenders. 

The meeting follows the highly successful previous meetings in Nottingham (2007), Koenigstein (2009) and Lausanne (2011). 

Over the three days of the meeting there will be series of talks from esteemed researchers in the field assessing the present state of the art. The symposium will cover the basic science across physics, chemistry and biology as well as the engineering challenges and applications. DNP and hyperpolarization has lead to some very significant new applications in NMR and MRI, and we are only at the beginning of exploring the opportunities. 

The symposium will accept abstracts for oral and poster presentation selection. 

Registration will open January 2013, and we will send you a reminder email as soon as the website is open for registration. 

The organizing committee, 

Jan H. Ardenkjaer-Larsen 

Lars G. Hanson 
Charlotte H Gotfredsen 
Susanne L. Mossin 
Sebastian Meier 
Lise V. Søgaard 
Niels Chr Nielsen